My portfolio consists of three projects. The objective was to create different user experiences in mobile applications and web technology. The key elements in every project was to identify the user needs, collect feedback using multiple research methodologies such as, contextual inquiries and surveys, persona, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing.


HEalth for Life - Mobile app

A personal passion project for health conscious individuals, bringing all aspects of health and fitness, i.e. capability to log or record one’s meal plans, workout regimens, and fitness activities into a mobile app.  


AAdvantage - web redesign

The goal was to take an existing design of the American Airlines mileage program website and improving its existing work flow using the design process.  


REmodel me - mobile app

This is a mobile application project that focuses on the home renovation.  The idea is to allow the user to take a picture of their own home (interior or exterior) and re-do it with an option to visualize what the final result would look like.