Design Goal

"We believe fitness & health concious Individuals have a problem maintaining healthy lifestyle. We can help them by bringing all aspects of health & fitness in one place.  We'll know we're right when fitness goals are achieved."



Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle is such a broad term and to bring all aspects of health and fitness together, the first step was to identify what are those aspects that people are looking for. To find out and to understand the behavior of the user, we decided to conduct surveys. 


We conducted two separate surveys: The first was focused on the fitness routines and the second survey was about the healthy choices of the user. The sample size was 10 to 12 users, both genders between 25 to 44 years, and the key findings were:

  1. Majority of the users have an active gym membership and exercise 2-4 days a week.

  2. 90% of the users exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.




5. Users meal intake was typically 3 times a day, dinner being the most important.

6. Overall eating well-balanced was the number 1 priority, low-fat/high protein & organic food being the most common dietary preference.

7. Mostly people would search online to look for their food/recipes and would benefit from being able to generate meal plans automatically based on their preferences.

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Survey's helped us understand the behavior of our users, the idea they have in their mind to lead a healthy life style. To understand their struggles to accomplish those goals, we conducted Interviews. The total sample size of interviews was six, three each from both genders.

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Stay at home mom 

Scheduling time was difficult with them than expected. SAHM are mostly multi tasking while being short on time and so their biggest expectation is to have their required information readily available that is both effective and less time consuming. 

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Working group

Workaholic, exercise routines are always tough of war between work-home balance. Looking for a platform that has it all but at a less costly price so they can stay loyal to one app than to hop around dodging weekly/monthly subscriptions


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Card Sorting Results

Card sorting was done traditionally with a group of 6 participants and total of 25 Content items were distributed into 4 major categories. 




Based on the Card sorting exercise, we designed a basic sitemap for our Health for Life app. Keeping in mind the findings of the research, the sitemap had four major categories. 

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The App has 1-month free trial and after that users can buy the app for $2.99 a month. They can unlock up to 3 items weekly or 15 items a month and after that users can purchase to unlock more items. Users can bundle up and save money. There are perks for every time they unlock an item, they earn points. The points can be redeemed at the app store for different items. Users can also maintain an inbuilt food log for the meals and calorie/nutrition intake and can track their progress according to the information they added at the sign up.


The registration process is straightforward and requires users to put their information into each section. The last screen creates the account and will bring users to the home screen.

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Selecting Recipes:

Amelia is a busy mom who is always in a rush to get her things done on time. She considers breakfast the most important meal of the day but mornings are really busy for her. She downloaded this app so she could save time searching and saving recipes online every time and can just look it up in the app according to their food preference. 

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Finding the best Workout routine

Kian is a hardworking employee who likes to stay fit but is always on a tight schedule. He finds it much easier and more effective if he has a workout routine ready at the gym to follow. That saves him time and he is able to achieve his goals more effectively. He downloaded this app where he can choose his workout routines and keep him up to date to his fitness goals. 

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